Here's How We Can Guarantee 15-20 New Qualified Booked Appointments For Your Digital Marketing Agency or Coaching Business Every Month.

Real Results From Real People

“Within 30 days they were able to book 21 appts"

"This is actually the 3rd client that I’m closing"

"I’ve been blown away with the results.”

“ I landed a $1,000 client in two weeks"

"Got our first meeting after 2 weeks!"

"Everyday we have leads coming into our inbox"

“He helped me book leads on a consistent basis"

"Within just a few weeks we got our calendar pretty full"

“The leads were of excellent Quality and consistent".

“Props for making it work and getting me results!"

"$2,000 Deal Closed from the campaign!"

"Carpet Cleaner Customer Signed. Campaign Works!"

"Team is fantastic in terms of services, they deliver."

"In just a couple of weeks we signed up our 1st client".

"We got like 14 “yeses” in 4 days. It just worked!"

$ 1,000 + $ 500 Ad Spend Deal!

"This deal will be $12,985 in revenue over the next 6 months"

"$500 per event with the potential of 2 events per week”


Appointment setting positions must be fully bilingual and must have at least a 9/10 spoken English. Since our company is based in Guatemala which is just 2 countries away from USA, we are very influenced by US English accent and therefore sound almost identically the same.

We guarantee a minimum number of qualified appointments based on your chosen plan form the second month onward: - One-channel outreach: 10 minimum appointments - Two-channel outreach: 15 minimum appointments

NO. It just means we won't guarantee any set number until we test your offer in your market. We usually can get 5-8 appointments depending on your niche on the first month of service

If we don't get the minimum number of appointment (varies by plan), we will place your billing on pause and just keep working and setting appointments, until we reach that minimum amount of appointments, agreed upon and rebilling will continue on the same date of the initial start of service but of next month.

Please watch the video!

You Do Want a Real Professional Team Booking Appointments For You, Right?